About us:

It all started at the turn of 1988-1989 with the repairs of old Junaks and BMW. During this period, the first repairs and renovations of the then old motorcycles took place. At that time, we made spare parts that were normally not on the shelves. In fact, there was nothing then :-)

In the mid-90s, in the workshop, we dealt with the inspection and repair of Japanese motorcycles and the renovation of vintage motorcycles.

The turn of the century is a break in "motorcycling" for engineering work, training and construction of tools for the automotive industry. It was then that we "entered" the world of CNC machines.

The return to motorcycles took place in 2007, when we started a small workshop where we repaired and inspected Harley-Davidson motorcycles, at first our own ones, but with time our friends' motorcycles started visiting us and later their friends’ ones. Then we started to learn about their problems, weaknesses and design flaws.

Performing engine modifications, improving the design errors of the "American legend" as well as tuning and customizing, we started using CNC machines and a measuring laboratory.

Since 2010, due to the development, many 3D models of parts for Harley engines have been created in our office - from oil pumps to engine blocks - thanks to which we were able to work more effectively to improve the design and correct operation of these machines: improve old ideas and implement new ones more precisely and efficiently. Our capabilities have also been expanded by the use of the most modern materials and metalworking techniques.

Maybe we don't have a hangar or even a hall. We don't even have a representative workshop. Instead, we have machines and tools that we can use not only in theory, but also in practice. We don’t recommend something that we ourselves wouldn’t like to have. We also have a passion that doesn’t close the workshop and doesn’t turn off the phone after 6 pm. We are open, but we cannot be persuaded to be tinkering.

We have the appropriate experience that will help you adjust your motorcycle to your needs so that you can go on public roads and long distances without threatening others and taking a great delight in driving because that's what it's all about :)